HP Elitebook Folio 9470m 14″ Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256SSD


Key Features
  • 14-inch Display
  • Intel Core i7, 2.6GHz
  • 256gb SSD, 8GB RAM
  • OS: win 10
  • battery: Output: 45 Watt, 19.5 V


HP Elitebook Folio 9470m 14″ Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256SSD price in Kenya

HP Elitebook Folio 9470m 14″ Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256SSD Price in Kenya is 24,000ksh only

Thin at 0.75″ and weighing 3.56 lb, the HP Elitebook Folio 9470m 14″ Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256SSD is built with an ultra slim profile and an all metal design. It is powered by a 2.1 GHz Intel Core i Dual-Core processor, allowing you to run multiple applications simultaneously. The processor also features a burst speed of up to 3.3 GHz and the system’s 8GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM not only allows efficient multitasking, but also allows the computer to quickly access frequently-used files and programs.

The 14″ SVA anti-glare display features an HD+ 1600 x 900 screen resolution, LED-backlighting, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and 250 cd/m2 brightness. The integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 delivers a sharp, clear picture and you’ll also be able to output video to an external display using the built-in DisplayPort 1.2a and VGA outputs. For connecting to the Internet, the HP Elitebook Folio 9470m 14″ Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256SSD is equipped with wired Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band 802.11ac (2×2) Wi-Fi. External peripherals, such as additional storage or optical drives may be connected using the three USB 3.0 Type-A ports, one of which doubles as a charging port. Additional compatible peripherals may be connected using Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology.

For long-term storage of your files, the EliteBook Folio 9480m has a 256GB SATA III that not only provides quick access to your data, but is also a self-encrypting drive (SED). e, SSDs contain no moving parts and are better protected against damage from bumps, drops, and vibration. SSDs also receive less wear and tear, as

Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, the built in stereo speakers offer HD audio with DTS Studio Sound. There is also an integrated 720p HD webcam which allows you to engage in face-to-face conversations using Skype or other software, an integrated dual-microphone array, and an SD media card reader that supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC card formats. For users who require more power while on-the-go, there is a secondary battery connector.

The HP Elitebook Folio 9470m 14″ Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256SSD is powered by a 45W Smart AC adapter and a 4-cell / 52Wh Lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 13.25 hours before recharging is required. Included with this system is a power cord and Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) recovery media. While the installed operating system is Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), a Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) license is included at no additional cost.

Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)
A Self Encrypting drive is a hard disk or a solid state drive that provides hardware-based data encryption. All data that is committed to the media is encrypted with either a 128-bit or 256-bit key. Because all encryption is handled in hardware, there is a great performance benefit to using SED over software based encryption. When using software based encryption, all of the data written and read from the drive must be encrypted and decrypted by the system processor. This extra processing work can lead to noticeable performance degradation. With hardware encryption using an SED, there is not a noticeable change in performance. 

All SED devices have the ability to create a Data Encryption Key (DEK). The DEK is used to encrypt all of the data on the drive when written, and to decrypt the data when read. The DEK is generated by the drive, and is stored in an encrypted format in multiple locations on the drive itself. By default the SED device is unlocked, and the DEK is used to encrypt and decrypt writes and reads to the media. It is not until the drive is provisioned and locked that the data is fully secured. Provisioning a drive entails creating an Authentication Key (AK) that is used in conjunction with the DEK to read and write data to the SED.

Another benefit of using SED is the device can be securely erased in a matter of seconds, as opposed to several hours using traditional drive wipe methods. The SED can be instructed to change the DEK, rendering all data on the drive destroyed. The data remains in an inaccessible encrypted format that can no longer be accessed. All SED devices sold by HP comply with the OPAL specification

USB 3.0 Type-A Ports
The EliteBook Folio 9480m has three USB 3.0 Type-a ports that operate at speeds up to 5 Gb/s. These may be used for connecting external peripherals such as additional storage, optical drives, card readers, printers, and more. One of the USB 3.0 Type-A ports also doubles as a charging port
Up to 16GB RAM
While the memory configuration of this system is 1 x 8GB module, the EliteBook Folio 9480m is able to support up to 16GB of RAM when an 8GB chip is used in each of its SODIMM memory slots
HP Elitebook Folio 9470m 14″ Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 256SSD Price in Kenya is 24,000ksh only