Logitech Rally Plus Ultra-HD Conference Cam – Black – USB – 960-001242


  • RightLight with WDR
  • Low-light compensation
  • Video noise reduction
  • Low-light saturation optimization
  • Renders natural skin tones for each participant on camera
  • Reduces backlighting and glare without darkening the entire image.
  • RightSound
  • Background noise suppression
  • Auto-level loud and soft voices
  • RightSound Mic Matrix
  • Supports up to 56 acoustic beams (8 per Rally Mic Pod) to lock onto the active talker
  • Beam focus refresh rate: 8ms (125 times/second)
  • Anti-Vibration Suspension
  • A patent-pending suspension system decouples the speaker module within the external enclosure, virtually eliminating the vibrations that can travel through walls, stands, and tables. This improves the echo cancelling performance of Rally Mic Pods, while ensuring that video images remain clear and steady, even at high volume levels and when zoomed in.


Find the Best Fit For Your Large Room

In large rooms with one or two displays, deploy Rally with tremendous flexibility and ease.

Simple to Use

Start your meeting with just one touch, seamlessly connecting Rally to your preconfigured room solution.

Looks Brilliant

Upgrade your large room meeting experience with cinema-quality video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy.

Stays Focused

Using AI, human figure detection, and automated PTZ, Rally adapts to meeting dynamics and keeps the camera on the action.

Sounds Awesome

Rally’s ultra-low distortion speakers deliver crystal clear, room-filling sound and make sure every voice is clearly heard.

Picks Up Voices at Every Seat

Rally’s exquisitely sensitive mic pods ensure that everyone in the meeting is clearly heard.

Great Conversations Start Here

Automatic Sound Optimization: Auto-level loud and soft voices – while suppressing unwanted noise – with AI-based Right Sound™ technology that improves over time.

Adaptive Beam forming: Focus on the active talker with high-precision beamforming mics.

Full Duplex: Hear and be heard at the same time with excellent full duplex.

Expand the Conversation

Add up to 7 mic pods to accommodate larger groups and provide convenient access to mute controls.

Simple to Manage

Monitor and manage your meeting room devices from one single platform with Logitech Sync. Plus, get business insights into how your rooms are being used.

Device Management Technology Partners

Our integration with partner solutions and dashboards means you can easily manage your devices in other platforms.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Support remote workers and reduce business travel by replacing in-person meetings with video meetings that are as natural as face-to-face.

Welcome to the Family

Explore Logitech’s beautifully simple, next generation of small, medium, and large room solutions that can be deployed in PC or appliance mode.


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