UGREEN FUN+ Wireless & Bluetooth Mouse – Black – MU102


UGREEN FUN+ Wireless & Bluetooth Mouse – Black – MU102

  • 4 DPI levels: Adjust the mouse sensitivity to your needs with 4 DPI levels (1000, 1600, 2000, 4000), enabling smooth and precise cursor control.
  • Windows and macOS Compatibility: This mouse is designed with a variety of platforms in mind, providing versatile usability for Windows and macOS users.
  • Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz USB adapter connectivity: Use the wireless mouse via Bluetooth technology or use the included USB adapter, ensuring a stable connection and flexible use of the device.


UGREEN FUN+ Wireless & Bluetooth Mouse – Black – MU102

Ugreen MU102 FUN+ is a wireless mouse combining stylish design with advanced functionality. This pink mouse is not only eye-catching with its charm, but also offers unique features that will make your mouse experience even more enjoyable. Regardless of whether you are a Windows or macOS user, the accessory will meet your expectations, offering exceptional performance and convenience.


  • Mark: Ugreen
  • Model: MU102 FUN+
  • Pink color
  • Connector type: USB-C
  • DPI: 1000 / 1600 / 2000 / 4000
  • Compatibility: Windows/macOS
  • Communication: 2.4 GHz / Bluetooth
  • Included: USB receiver, USB-C cable

4 DPI levels for individual control

Thanks to 4 DPI levels ( 1000, 1600, 2000, 4000), Ugreen MU102 FUN+ allows you to adjust the mouse sensitivity according to your preferences. Enjoy smooth cursor movement and precise response to every movement, making work and play even more satisfying.

Compatible with Windows and macOS

This wireless mouse has been optimized for both Windows and macOS users. No matter the platform. Ugreen MU102 FUN+ offers reliable performance, allowing you to freely use it on a variety of devices.

Bluetooth connectivity and USB adapter

Wireless connection via Bluetooth technology guarantees freedom of movement, while the included USB adapter ensures connection stability even in difficult conditions. Thanks to this feature, Ugreen MU102 FUN+ provides a reliable connection to your device, eliminating delays and ensuring smooth operation.


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